Friday, May 20, 2011

somewhere on a train in kansas

Lonely for sunrise

It’s America out there. I know it. The night sky is as dark as faith.

Random street lights fire back a signal of life to my box car.

The light cascades to a vehicle. In it’s prime.

A prime that reminds me of the junk yard I saw back in the dry of Arizona.

Rusted and forgotten.

But we remember this vehicle as it proves its use. The train moves and it’s forgotten.

And the driver sleeps, I tell myself, there is life out there. Tucked in freshly washed linens. Out of sight from my box car.

I saw a cemetery, as I was waiting for the coffee to start brewing.

That’s a few states back. Follow the tracks and find us here.

A living mass tomb.

4am. Box car holds us all victims to sleep.

Sprawled out. But this is where you find me.

Stubborn and face illuminated. For every sleeping stranger to see.

Waiting for coffee or sunrise. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Rime Royal stanza form (29/3o)

just a child at wild
trying his best
(and eggs over mild)
to lay worry at rest.
to hope is to quest
and though language still peppered
love is still his shepherd.

tribute to Caesar (inspired from the art of Bartolemo Manfredi)

a monument stating we are only giving to caesar what is his
...and washington too.
you can't measure soul in that offering plate
whether you call yourself
muslim, Christian or Jew.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

26/3o - cut up poem


varnish or vanish, Vanna White.

Once you age it's either surgery or the plank.

walk off and plunge down to the pebbles
"How's the weather now?" you ask yourself.

just fine.

it's an octopus and his ink now
need some papers signed?

all these documents you cling- knock together hallow

like pistachios collecting in the used bowl.


stained glass.
stained lungs.
stained dreams.
stained fingers.
stained by art, smoke and time.

nimble is the hope to leave the sky pure.


It's true that fresh air is good for the body.
but too much will make your head spin.
It's true that water is good for baptizing
but too much will lose you at sea.
It's true that time is good for making memories
but too much will claim us all

this is our body.